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When you’ve been hurt or have become ill due to a work incident, the last thing you should worry about is how you will continue to keep the lights on and kids fed. Workers’ compensation should give you some peace of mind knowing your family will be protected in case anything were to happen to you at work. But, sadly, workers’ comp cases are denied in California every single day. A denial can be another big blow after a series of misfortune and hardship caused by the incident.

Whether you were denied because of a technical mistake or any other reason, a skilled California workers’ compensation attorney can help you gain access to the benefits that belong to you.

California has two types of work-related injury cases:

1. Workers Compensation

Workers’ compensation laws enable employees to receive financial recovery for any injuries sustained during work-related activities, as long as their injuries were not sustained while engaging in ‘horseplay’. Payment is for medical costs, lost wages, and disability.

For these cases, the employee is not required to prove someone was at fault.

2. Work-related Injury (Negligence)

In a work-related personal injury claim, the employee must have evidence to prove the defendant’s ‘negligence’ and to show that a ‘duty of care’ was breached. The defendant could be the employer, a co-worker, or any responsible third party like a manufacturer. These cases generally have much larger payouts, and a skilled attorney is required.

Employee is required to prove someone was at fault.

If you’ve been injured or fallen ill at work, contact Seppi Esfandi today. Seppi is skilled and experienced in securing total compensation for his clients. When you call us today, we will listen to your case and walk you through the next best steps towards a waining claim or to getting your detail overturned. Overturning your denial will make a massive difference in your quality of life. Don’t wait another minute. Contact us today.

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